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Tales of Turning Craft Day

Tales of Turning united with Tafta, home for older persons, to raise funds for vulnerable mothers in South Africa. Tales of Turning volunteers along with the Tafta residents spent the morning making necklaces, puppets and scarves. The end result showcased the resident’s creativity and enthusiasm. Not only did everyone involved have the opportunity to learn new skills, it was also great to get a chance to meet the residents at Tafta and hear more about what motherhood means to them. The hall was full of chatter, laughter and smiles as well as busy hands. The materials for the crafts were donated by sponsors and the profits will be split between Tales of Turning and Tafta. Tafta plans to use the funds to buy more supplies for their team of avid crafters. This event embodies our philosophy “Small Acts Change the World!”

Adri Greling, who was one of the volunteers at the craft day, added “I was very touched to see how crafts could bring such joy. Not only to the aged but to everyone who was involved. There were smiles all round. Every one of these senior souls have a wonderful story to tell. I was blessed with an incredible story from Elayne Dykman. She is such a gifted and talented woman!”

“Treasure the wisdom of old age.
Learn from elder people and be wise.” Lailah Gifty Akita