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Sewing Sessions

The Tales of Turning mothers groups expressed an interest in learning new skills. The mothers groups felt that learning sewing would be a great start as they could use this skill at home while they are looking after their children.

The mothers learnt how to sew on buttons and adjust hems so that they could repair or alter their children’s clothing. Not only did the mothers learn a new skill, they also got to take home the head scarfs and beautiful bags that they made. Fashion designer, Xaviar Dunstan, was a guest at our sessions to teach us how to make patterns, cut out designs and sew basic stitches by hand.

The mothers left the session wearing their stylish green patterned head scarfs, proud to have mastered a new skill. As it was school holidays some of the children had great fun joining us in learning how to sew.





Our Sparkling Moments

Tales of Turning is dedicated to providing support to vulnerable mothers in South Africa so that they in turn can offer support to their children. During the past few months we have set up Mothers Support groups in Durban. Through Narrative Therapy techniques, such as the Tree of Life, the mothers have shared more about their stories as well as their dreams for their own lives and those of their children.

During the sessions the mothers expressed how important their children are to them. In accordance with their hopes for their children one of our mothers groups decided to run a homework center every Saturday for the vulnerable children in their community.

With sponsorship from Vodacom, Tales of Turning, provided the resources for the homework group so that the children have a space where they can complete school projects. Educational resources, such as puzzles and worksheets, contribute to the development of the children’s skills. Volunteers from the wider community have joined the group to support the mothers in their new endeavor.

During one of our meetings we were joined by Occupational Therapist, Tammy Hunter, who taught the mothers activities that they can do with their children to help them to reach their developmental milestones. We learnt fine motor activities as well as exercises to help children with reading and writing. The mothers were excited to start using these new skills at home and at the homework center.

Film Festival

This month Tales of Turning released their first short film. After completing a film course for NGOs run by Grace Aid and Film Craft, we started preparing to write, film and edit a short visual story.

The film offers a glimpse into the Tales of Turning project which works with vulnerable mothers in South Africa. As the story grows with the Tree of Life it offers viewers insight into Narrative Therapy techniques as well as the hopes and dreams of vulnerable mothers.

The film was directed by actress and singer Caitlin Kilburn with animation work by experienced animator Tessa Comrie. Londiwe Ngema took the leading role in the film to represent the vulnerable mothers who are part of the Tales of Turning project.

After seeing our script brought to life we were proud to screen the film at a film festival which was hosted at Grace Family Church. The evening featured films from eleven NGOs and was attended by the wider Umhlanga community as well as NGO representatives. Not only was it a fun occasion, it was also an exciting opportunity to learn more about the other NGOs who are working hard to play a role in community upliftment.

Take a look at the video on the Tales of Turning YouTube Channel: