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Ambrosia Corner Café Supports Vulnerable Mothers

Tales of Turning is excited to announce that Ambrosia Corner Café has joined our Cup of Hope Campaign. We would like to thank Ambrosia Corner Café for uniting with Tales of Turning to help support vulnerable mothers and their children. You can get involved by keeping an eye out for the Cup of Hope Campaign date, visiting Ambrosia Corner Café, buying a cup of coffee and donating R5 to the Tales of Turning Project. If you want to find out more, here is what the campaign is all about.

Looking for a cup of Hope…

The Tales of Turning project unites and empowers vulnerable mothers. If you empower a mother, you empower her entire family. Your donation will not only help teach mothers parenting skills but also educate them on ways they can support their children’s education. You will be opening doors for the mothers, allowing them to have strengthened relationships with each other and their community.

The Tales of Turning project so far has manged to help an incredible 75 mothers and 150 children of Cato Manor, Durban. Determined to raise the funds needed to continue our work, the Tales of Turning team is on the search for a little support, asking all the local coffee shops for a cup of hope. Coffee is defined by many as a cup of hope or the ultimate survival juice. It’s one of the few things that people just get. It’s an unspoken mutual understanding between everyone in the world. We are asking all the local coffee shops of Durban to dedicate one day and help us raise awareness and valuable funds.