About us

Tales of Turning was born out of a passion for change and a belief that we can all make a difference in this world. Since its inception, Tales of Turning has completed numerous projects to create social change. Our collaborations with individuals, corporations and NGOs have increased the impact of our work.

Together anything is possible.


Jenna-Lee Strugnell – Founder and Director

Jenna-Lee is an experienced project manager, researcher and dialogue facilitator with psychology honours, narrative therapy training and masters in peacebuilding. In recognition of her commitment to global human rights, she received an award from the Dymphna Meaney Women’s Development Fund as well as a Canon Collins Scholarship. She was selected to be part of the Vodacom Change the World Programme. Her Masters in Peacebuilding thesis focused on working with men to decrease gender-based violence. Her research concentrated on the masculinities that fathers are passing on to their sons as well as strengthening alternative ways of being a man that are more supportive of women and of peace. She has extensive experience using narrative techniques to facilitate dialogues and is confident in facilitating challenging conversations.

Geoffrey Mamputa – Director

Geoff is a highly experienced mediator, facilitator, development practitioner and peace maker of many years standing. He has spent a lifetime mediating and serving informal settlement communities in conflict. He has trained peace monitors who act as an early warning and de escalation mechanism in communities. Geoffrey is currently the Provincial Conflict Coordinator for the IEC and has been involved in electoral and conflict resolution for the IEC for over three decades. Additionally, he has extensive experience in conflict management, negotiation and mediation focused on gangs, taxis, unions and higher education.

Stefan Snel – Director

Stef is an innovator and intervenor in multi-stakeholder violent conflicts. Stef is a creative and innovative thinker and an experienced facilitator and mediator in community conflict and development. Stef co-founded UMAC (U Managing Conflict), a civil society organization tracking security force atrocities and later facilitating democratic transition though the late eighties and nineties. Stef contributed to the establishment of the Peace Accord structures, and developing a national network of civilian violence mediators in preparation for the first democratic elections in 1994. Stef continues to specialize in turning-around intractable problems through dialogic systems-based interventions. His experience includes working with warring intelligence agencies, taxi associations, gangs, police and communities, xenophobia victims, and perpetrators, in numerous multi-stakeholder conflicts including the ‡Khomani, Kung, and Kwe San communities of the Kalahari upon restitution of their lands; and the creation of the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site. In 2015 he started exploring social media listening tools to scale peacebuilding interventions. He is also a panelist mediator; for the Department of Environmental Affairs, the Independent Electoral Commission, European Center for Electoral Support, and an associate at IR Change. Stef has been a mediator for the IEC since 1994 offering social conflict training, mediation and interventions and is currently a Regional Conflict Coordinator.

Rinchen Van Rijswijk – Lead Manager

Rinchen is trained in psychology and has an honours in social development. She has extensive experience as a professional in the NGO sector and all of her experience has been in the social impact space. She has diverse expertise in programme development, management and implementation; dialogue facilitation; and communications and social media for social impact in the NGO space. She is passionate about using her skills to innovate in the sector, as well as mentor and develop others.

Bongiwe Mthembu – Mothers’ Group Facilitator

Bongiwe has training in narrative therapy and counselling as well as extensive experience as a community worker. As a mother of two sons and a resident of Mayville, Bongiwe facilitates our Mothers’ groups and offers Tales of Turning expert advice on the communities that we are working in.

Bongiwe was inspired to get involved with the Mothers’ program as she believes that by raising children that have a strong foundation, good values and morals we are creating good leaders of our country.

Bongiwe Mthembu