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Film Festival

This month Tales of Turning released their first short film. After completing a film course for NGOs run by Grace Aid and Film Craft, we started preparing to write, film and edit a short visual story.

The film offers a glimpse into the Tales of Turning project which works with vulnerable mothers in South Africa. As the story grows with the Tree of Life it offers viewers insight into Narrative Therapy techniques as well as the hopes and dreams of vulnerable mothers.

The film was directed by actress and singer Caitlin Kilburn with animation work by experienced animator Tessa Comrie. Londiwe Ngema took the leading role in the film to represent the vulnerable mothers who are part of the Tales of Turning project.

After seeing our script brought to life we were proud to screen the film at a film festival which was hosted at Grace Family Church. The evening featured films from eleven NGOs and was attended by the wider Umhlanga community as well as NGO representatives. Not only was it a fun occasion, it was also an exciting opportunity to learn more about the other NGOs who are working hard to play a role in community upliftment.

Take a look at the video on the Tales of Turning YouTube Channel:

Tales of Turning and Tafta Unite

With the ethos of collaborating with other organizations to strengthen our community together, Tales of Turning united with Tafta for a fun-filled craft day. The money raised from the crafts went to support Tafta as well as vulnerable mothers in South Africa. Visit the Tales of Turning Craft Day blog to read more about the event.

Thank you to Ranga Media for capturing the spirit of the event.

Durban photographer, Linda Paul from MettaLenz, created stunning images of the residents who joined us for the Craft Day.

Tafta Craft Day5

Tafta Craft Day4

Tafta Craft Day 3

Tafta Craft Day 2

Tafta Craft Day 1

Tales of Turning Craft Day

Tales of Turning united with Tafta, home for older persons, to raise funds for vulnerable mothers in South Africa. Tales of Turning volunteers along with the Tafta residents spent the morning making necklaces, puppets and scarves. The end result showcased the resident’s creativity and enthusiasm. Not only did everyone involved have the opportunity to learn new skills, it was also great to get a chance to meet the residents at Tafta and hear more about what motherhood means to them. The hall was full of chatter, laughter and smiles as well as busy hands. The materials for the crafts were donated by sponsors and the profits will be split between Tales of Turning and Tafta. Tafta plans to use the funds to buy more supplies for their team of avid crafters. This event embodies our philosophy “Small Acts Change the World!”

Adri Greling, who was one of the volunteers at the craft day, added “I was very touched to see how crafts could bring such joy. Not only to the aged but to everyone who was involved. There were smiles all round. Every one of these senior souls have a wonderful story to tell. I was blessed with an incredible story from Elayne Dykman. She is such a gifted and talented woman!”

“Treasure the wisdom of old age.
Learn from elder people and be wise.” Lailah Gifty Akita

Nelson Mandela Day

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” – Nelson Mandela
The Tales of Turning project manager united with the Vodacom team to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day. To honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela, Vodacom staff members and volunteers from across Durban worked together to help provide food security to families in need. With enthusiasm and efficiency the volunteers packed food parcels which contained a range of items including peanut butter, Ace Maize Meal and Koo mixed vegetables. Read more about how Vodacom celebrated Nelson Mandela Day here: Vodacom Provides Food Parcels for Mandela Day
In a further initiative Vodacom Staff Members joined Stop Hunger Now to support the organization in eradicating world hunger. The Vodacom team and Tales of Turning project manager dedicated 67 minutes to attend the meal packing event hosted by Stop Hunger Now at the Durban ICC. The initiative provides fully balanced meals to pre-school children which is vital to their holistic development. Much fun and laughter went into the event as the corporate teams showed their competitive edge in packing thousands of food parcels. The Mandela Day Million Meal Challenge was an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young children in South Africa.

Small Acts Change the World

At the Vodacom Change the World conference the volunteers who were selected for this year’s program were inspired to launch projects that would alter the lives of fellow South Africans. Although we are all aiming to make a huge impact with our projects it is important not to forget that “Small Acts Change the World!” What I have experienced over the past few days is no exception – the kindness of a few volunteers has played a crucial roll in the refining and launching of the Tales of Turning project on social media platforms. One such volunteer is actress, singer and dancer, Caitlin Kilburn who gave a day of her time this week to help set up the project’s social media. (An exciting side-note: you can see her in action in the upcoming musical “Snoopy”). Duncan Prince, founder of Ranga Media, played a pivotal role in the process by contributing his expert advice and training me to set up and manage the Tales of Turning blog site. By sharing what we can, when we can, and appreciating those that do – we can make a great impact in our community, together.

Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund

Jenna-Lee Strugnell, Tales of Turning Project Manager,  was awarded a bursary from the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund which she will use to strengthen her knowledge in Narrative Therapy. The Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund connects women leaders with skills building opportunities to strengthen their contribution to global human rights. These skills will enhance the efficacy of the Tales of Turning project.

Tales of Turning

In collaboration with the Narrative Foundation the Tales of Turning project was launched in Durban this week. The community upliftment initiative was made possible by sponsorship from Vodacom. Project Manager, Jenna-Lee Strugnell, and Narrative Foundation Founder, Yvonne Sliep, flew to Johannesburg to attend the Vodacom conference. The conference provided an opportunity to witness the passion which goes into the Vodacom Change the World program and to network with other South African NGOs.

Tales of Turning uses Narrative Therapy techniques to identify the challenges that mothers are facing in South Africa. The project will facilitate a safe space where mothers can re-author the stories of their lives and delve into the hidden possibilities which are located within themselves. The Tales of Turning project aims to generate aspiration and confidence in mothers as well as to facilitate a space where they can identify their strengths and skills. The project goals include resource mapping and building links with other groups and agencies.