Parent Effectiveness Training

This week Tales of Turning was privileged to host a Parent Effectiveness Training workshop by Lome Cronje. Lome is a trained social worker and play therapist who has been practicing for 20 years. She also trains adults to council children. In 2015 she completed the Parent Effectiveness Instructors Training so she can offer these skills to other parents. P.E.T was developed by DR. Thomas Gordon. Dr. Thomas Gordon is a licenced clinical psychologist who has achieved international acclaim for his work including three Nobel Peace Prize Nominations. He is the author of numerous publications and books. His Parent Effectiveness Training has helped millions of parents across the globe. In Lome’s two hour workshop the mothers learnt how to communicate with their children more effectively. An important part of the workshop was teaching the mothers how to effectively support their children when their children are facing challenging situations. Not only did the mothers learn useful skills they also had an opportunity to share their worries and fears about motherhood. One wonderful activity saw the mothers blowing all their fears into a balloon and releasing them together as a group. When we were enjoying juice and cake after the workshop the mothers had an opportunity to share with me what they thought of the session. One mother summed up the groups thoughts “We are excited about what we learnt today. We feel that we have learnt so much to go home and use with our children”