Narrative Foundation

Tales of Turning

In collaboration with the Narrative Foundation the Tales of Turning project was launched in Durban this week. The community upliftment initiative was made possible by sponsorship from Vodacom. Project Manager, Jenna-Lee Strugnell, and Narrative Foundation Founder, Yvonne Sliep, flew to Johannesburg to attend the Vodacom conference. The conference provided an opportunity to witness the passion which goes into the Vodacom Change the World program and to network with other South African NGOs.

Tales of Turning uses Narrative Therapy techniques to identify the challenges that mothers are facing in South Africa. The project will facilitate a safe space where mothers can re-author the stories of their lives and delve into the hidden possibilities which are located within themselves. The Tales of Turning project aims to generate aspiration and confidence in mothers as well as to facilitate a space where they can identify their strengths and skills. The project goals include resource mapping and building links with other groups and agencies.