Unyoke Peace Building Retreat

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Unyoke Peacebuilding retreat hosted by Nomfundo Walaza and Chris Spies at Volmoed in Hermanus. Read our Tales of Turning blog for a glimpse into my life-changing experience.

Unyoke created a breathing space, a hiatus from the constant motion of everyday life. A chance to pause, reflect and piece together my story. It was a process of deep internal journeying with interludes of tranquil walks, delicious meals and art classes.

The thoughtfulness of the facilitators, as well as the caring of the retreat participants, held a safe space that was alive with the joy and pain of life. Our reflections enabled me to go deeper into the values that have shaped my journey thus far and that shine a light along future pathways. Unearthing the threads of my life and making them visible has given me the courage to leap into the future with open arms.

Unyoke was an opportunity for me to work on my internal processes, to create a solid foundation for my work. It strengthened my belief that transformation needs to take place within ourselves in order to carry out meaningful Peacebuilding and community work. This strong foundation allows me to make aligned decisions as I go forward.

The Peacebuilders, who joined together at Unyoke, carried with them the histories and stories of destinations from across the globe as well as their personal experiences. As they spoke it transported me to different places and times. Our meaningful conversations and connections offer me sustenance as I step forward into the next phase of my life and work. As we stay connected after the retreat, it brings me hope that I am not alone on my journey.

Unyoke is a precious gift that I cherish as part of the evolution of myself and Tales of Turning.