Youth Projects

veg garden

School Vegetable Gardens

As part of our youth projects we have started school vegetable gardens in underserved Durban communities.

Environmental education: The garden has been successfully used as part of class lessons (physical science and biology), and provides hands-on experience. There is also education in the areas of teamwork and nutrition. This includes interaction with the Eco-Club to provide educational awareness on sustainability issues.

Conservation and biodiversity: Through an appreciation of small scale gardening the pupils are expected to promote these in the surrounding communities thereby promoting an appreciation of the environment. Further, through interaction with the Eco-Club, the practical importance of conservation and biodiversity can be taught.

Empowering women and girls: The school is located in a community with a history of patriarchy. Gardening is a natural precursor to small-scale farming, and this education will be invaluable to provide alternative prospects for the communities’ girls and women especially as the providers of households.

Journalism group

Our youth journalism group gives youth in underserved Durban communities the opportunity to learn more about journalism and improve their writing skills. This is part of our strategy to connect youth with their hopes and dreams by creating more opportunities for youth in underserved communities. Articles are published on the following platform:

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